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    we are redefining the way tv is watched. reaching people where they are

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    Have a dream of having your own TV show? we can help

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    We intend to have around the clock programing coming soon

  • TV Redefined

Live 24/7 Internet Television

  • TV Everywhere

    The future of Television is here. We are redefining TV

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    Kooltv has no geographic boundaries. We are everywhere

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    kooltv looks great on every major connected device, ensuring the best experience.

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why we are so kool.

KoolTV is a 24/7 internet-based TV network under-development. Our content includes but not limited to Sports, Entertainment, Talk, Politics, and Education. It is a unified media platform for the services we provide at Chroma Media.

Our Goal: - to become a major source of family-oriented entertainment on the internet.

Our Team - The Kreativ Kitchen

We are a bunch of creative people driven by passion for what we like to do

matt hall

Matt Hall - Sound Engineer

kofi adzokpa

Kofi Adzokpa - Systems Engineer

brandon crenshaw

Brandon Crenshaw - Fashion Designer

gary dixon

Gary Dixon - Sales

yeah, we're cool like that
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